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Monthly Report

Monthly Power Report

Monthly Power Report


Energylineindia's "Monthly Power Report" typically tracks progress in regulatory changes, associated with the power sector and developments in major power and coal projects across India. The report includes exclusive and critical inputs from our editorial team.

The monthly report provides updated information on:

  • All regulatory changes in the power and coal sector and their implications for you
  • Exhaustive coverage of power pricing, production and trading data
  • Tariff orders
  • Extensive data on changes in installed base and projects

The report is updated every month and the coverage includes key information gleaned from interactions with stakeholders in the power and coal ministries.

Contracting Activities:

Contract related updates are provided from two of our proprietary databases that covers:

  • E & P projects

The report helps you stay updated on:

  • All major developments in power sector
  • Actionable information on policy and regulatory developments
  • Pricing and distribution of power
  • Project related updates

We also separately arrange fortnightly or monthly phone or onsite briefing with the energylineindia team: an advantage that is unique and personalised

  • Monthly updates on all power projects
  • Regulatory updates
  • Multi parameter business opportunities update
  • Power and coal production, movement and pricing data
  • Customized research support
  • Partial analyst and journalist support
  • Fortnightly/monthly briefing by the energylineindia team (optional)


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