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  • May 24:How does the power transmission model on long term BOOM (Build Own Operate Maintain) work in India Details
  • May 24:Scaling up renewable energy (SURE) projects helps India implement clean energy solutions efficiently and effectively Details
  • May 24:Life cycle assessment of a combined-cycle gas turbine with a focus on the chemicals used in water conditioning Details
  • May 24:The Bagasse based power offtake allowed at Rs 3.56/Unit. Details
  • May 24:Fossil fuel-based cogeneration plants are allowed to fulfill their cumulative RPO targets by March 2020 ? Details
  • May 24:The average efficiency of electricity generation from fossil fuels is nearly 40%. How is that so?: An analysis Details
  • May 24:Business opportunities for power companies in the Indian power sector Details
  • May 24:Green agenda 2019: Sustainability imperatives for India’s next government Details
  • May 24:Converting a grid-connected power generation unit into captive status: What kind of regulatory approvals are needed? Details
  • May 24:Likely Global solar market developments from 2020 to 2023 Details
  • May 24:Global energy transition to 2050: What needs to be done Details
  • May 24:Forecasting CO2 emission by power production mix in India Details
  • May 24:IndiGrid: Corporate presentation May 2019 Details
  • May 24:Transmission tariffs for FY 2019-20. An analysis Details
  • May 24:Electricity supply and demand lies at the heart of India’s energy future: An analysis Details
  • May 24:India can capitalize on the declining costs of wind and solar: An analysis Details
  • May 24:Global energy progress report 2019. A report Details
  • May 24: Ruling: The rate of the late payment surcharge shall be applicable as per the PPA or regulations only Details
  • May 24:Renewable energy: Continuing to grow Details
  • May 24: The causal link between energy consumption, carbon emissions and economic growth in India Details
  • May 24:UK power companies: Local entrepreneurs should bring them to India Details
  • May 22:Establishment of new 400/220 kV substations in northern region: Business development opportunities Details
  • May 22:Supreme Solar Systems: Rating continues to remain under ‘Issuer Not Cooperating’ category Details
  • May 22:An India based power company shares are up as it hedges coal price for up to 60% of coal requiremen Details
  • May 22:Omegga Power Industry Private Ltd: Ratings withdraw Details
  • May 22:Find out how sensitivity of solar power generation to adverse variations in weather conditions as well as panel degradation can negatively impact cash flows Details
  • May 22:High cost of power generation makes a project unviable when third-party sale is involved Details
  • May 22: Maintenance strategy optimization of a coal-fired power plant cooling tower through generalized stochastic petri nets: Details
  • May 22:Reduction of power production costs in wind power plant: A new way out Details
  • May 22:Wind power generator seeks tariff of Rs.6.33/- per kWhL Regular however pitches for consensus rate, in discussion with offtaker Details
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