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  • Jun 25:Lanco seeks a downgrade in its trading licence but what it got in return was a surprise Details
  • Jun 24:Greaves Cotton Limited: Ramped up its e-mobility business Details
  • Jun 24:India Electricity Expo 2021: Event are coming soon Details
  • Jun 24:NTPC is pioneering Green Hydrogen Initiatives in India? Details
  • Jun 24:OPG Power Generation Pvt. Ltd: Operating profit margins improved Details
  • Jun 23:Business opportunity: Make money from Solar PV Power Project Details
  • Jun 23:New ERA Enviro Ventures Pvt. Ltd: Rating Withdrawn from rating agency Details
  • Jun 23:Sai Regency Power Corporation Private Limited: Non-Cooperating category Details
  • Jun 23:OPG Power Ventures: Power generation declined to 2.11bn units Details
  • Jun 23:Coal plant additions are near decadal lows with minimal ordering Details
  • Jun 22:Solar PV Power Project: Bid for EPC package Details
  • Jun 22:The waiver of ISTS charges allowed for Hydro PSP and BESS Details
  • Jun 22:The transmission sector is likely to grow at 8-9% over the next 10 years Details
  • Jun 22:Business opportunity: EPC package for waste to energy plant Details
  • Jun 22:Power grid: Order book slowing down in the near term Details
  • Jun 21:Sungaze Power Private Limited: Tariff competitiveness remains exposed to levy of additional surcharge in future years Details
  • Jun 21:What policies can be implemented to address the world’s energy challenges? Details
  • Jun 21:What are the world’s major energy challenges? Details
  • Jun 21:Coal India Ltd: Higher-than-expected offtake can lead to better-than-expected financial performance Details
  • Jun 21:Event on Green Hydrogen initiatives: Coming soon Details
  • Jun 21:Business Opportunity in captive power plant Details
  • Jun 21:Business opportunity: Make money from Coal based power plant Details
  • Jun 19:Total emission vs emission intensity: An interesting perspective Details
  • Jun 19:Power related companies: Some cooperate others don't with rating companies Details
  • Jun 19:Local content complaints: Pay up before you can complain, asserts the government Details
  • Jun 18:Smart Grid: What are the challenges faced in India Details
  • Jun 18:Business opportunity: Expression of Interest for Supply of Electric Vehicles Details
  • Jun 18:Power Grid Corporation of India Limited: POWERGRID’s consolidated PAT crosses Rs 12,000 crore Details
  • Jun 17:Diversification out of power T&D has done this company good Details
  • Jun 17:Energy transition: Maharashtra stands to gain a fistful of money Details
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