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  • Jan 17:Adani Power Jharkhand Ltd: Increasing overall debt levels of group company Details
  • Jan 17:What are the implications in climate change investment? Details
  • Jan 17:Shifting to renewables could grow the world economy by 1% a year until 2050: An analysis Details
  • Jan 17:P & R Gogripur Hydro Power Pvt. Ltd: Ratings withdraws Details
  • Jan 17:SKS Power Generation (Chhattisgarh) Limited: The company’s cash flows will remain sensitive to variation in short-term power tariff levels Details
  • Jan 16:Lanco Solar Private Limited: Non-Cooperating with rating agency Details
  • Jan 16:FGD implementation schedule for thermal units in India: An update Details
  • Jan 16:Business Opportunity: Setting up of 1200MW Wind-Solar Hybrid power projects Details
  • Jan 16:Arhyama Solar Power Private Limited: Non-Cooperating with rating agency Details
  • Jan 16:India will be the first such economy that has not depended upon a high level of fossil fuel burning per dollar of GDP: An analysis Details
  • Jan 16:GRIDCO Ltd.: Improved Financials and Operational Performance Details
  • Jan 15:How Climate Change Affects the Building Energy Consumptions Due to Cooling, Heating, and Electricity Demands? Details
  • Jan 15: Government to roll out one nuclear-reactor: Rolling out one nuclear-reactor each year will increase production of zero carbon energy: An analysis Details
  • Jan 15:Safeguard duty on Chinese solar power equipment will make RE industry uncompetitive: An analysis Details
  • Jan 15:Power distribution sector debt pile of 4 trillion is a huge barrier for reform and low carbon transition: An analysis Details
  • Jan 15:Meghalaya Energy Corporation Ltd: Collection Efficiency and High AT&C losses Details
  • Jan 15:Unitech Power Transmission Ltd: The company’s operating and net profit margins are thin due to the nature of industry Details
  • Jan 13:Business Opportunity in Coal mining project Details
  • Jan 13:Kalpataru Power: KPTL is expected to report strong revenue which is expected to grow by 16.4% to Rs 2007.6 crore in Q3FY20E Details
  • Jan 13:India's Energy efficiency improves, but needs to accelerate: An analysis Details
  • Jan 13:Annual investments in renewables must double by 2030 to ensure a sustainable future Details
  • Jan 13:NTPC: Better hydro generation and LC payment mechanisms issues for SEB's has hurt the operational performance for Q3FY20E Details
  • Jan 13:CESC: Company is expected to report weak Q3FY20E results on back of lower generation in the base business. Details
  • Jan 10:Business Opportunity: Many outage program of generating units and transmission lines are coming soon Details
  • Jan 10:Why Not use natural gas or coal with Carbon capture? Details
  • Jan 10:India plans $35 bn reforms to revive struggling power retailers: Bailing out power retailers will reward excessive risk taking: An analysis Details
  • Jan 10:PM's office proposes waiving carbon tax on coal: Waiving carbon tax on coal not used for pollution will benefit the struggling power sector: An analysis Details
  • Jan 10:Renewable energy sector makes rapid strides in 2019: A report Details
  • Jan 09:Business opportunity in Capital power plant Details
  • Jan 09:International Grid Integration: What are the strategic implications in Asia? Details
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