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  • Mar 12:Fresh power supply and tariff projections till 2030: Why does gas-based power not figure in this matrix? Details
  • Jan 07:Stalled gas based power projects: What can be done? Details
  • Jan 07: Midnight knock again for former petroleum ministry officials? Details
  • Dec 27:LNG freight rates: Will they go back to their highs again? Details
  • Dec 27:Gas prices: Singularity in the future but at what level? Details
  • Dec 27:Foreign country companies are looking to invest in India's energy sector Details
  • Dec 26:200 new site identified for coal power projects: Here is an example of the kind of new plants which will come up Details
  • Dec 26:Pooled LNG price for fertilizer units at a high-II: Will a Coal-Petcoke combination may work better? Details
  • Dec 26:Pooled LNG price for fertilizer units at a high-I: Will future capacity be based on coal instead? Details
  • Dec 26:Coal-based power: At an inflection point again? Details
  • Dec 24:Captive Power Plant: An Expansion unit is ahead Details
  • Dec 24:Issues in the make-up water pump system in NTPC's thermal power project Details
  • Dec 24:Renewable Energy Management Centre: A new start-of-art technology Details
  • Dec 24:Allocation of power from NTPC's Katwa Super Thermal Power Project Details
  • Dec 17:Renewable power: Opportunities coming up Details
  • Dec 17:A 252 MW wind power asset: Vestas receives an EPC contract Details
  • Dec 17:Nuclear power generation: Big jump in capacity expected Details
  • Dec 17:Stressed thermal power assets: Government is trying but there is still a long way to go Details
  • Dec 13:PSU embarking on groundbreaking commercial solar-to-fuel conversion project Details
  • Dec 10:NHPC LOI to take over Rs 4000 crore hydro power project Details
  • Dec 10:Power demand in India: All the forecasting tools that you can need Details
  • Dec 10:Coal is cheaper but in India coal demand is a long way from going down Details
  • Dec 07:CRZ clearance for 200 MW power plant held up Details
  • Dec 07:Combined cycle gas based power plant: On sale Details
  • Dec 06:N LC: Steam ahead with coal based power Details
  • Dec 06:L&T bags a Rs 152 crore contract from BHEL Details
  • Dec 06:New captive power plants coming up Details
  • Dec 05:GAIL's plea for uniform HBJ tariff-II: Full update Details
  • Dec 05:GAIL's plea for uniform HBJ tariff-I: Many new consumers will welcome it Details
  • Dec 05:Hydel power: Where does everyone go from here? Details
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