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  • Sep 16:NTPC’s declining real tariffs can be attributed to four factors Details
  • Sep 16:Business opportunity: A captive power plant Details
  • Sep 16:Adani Power Limited: Investor Presentation Sep 2019 Details
  • Sep 16:BHEL corporate presentation: Sep 2019 Details
  • Sep 16:India Solar Market Update: Q2 2019 report Details
  • Sep 16:Six Year NTPC Financial Performance: FY2014-FY2019 Details
  • Sep 16:Latest report of India-China Strategic Economic Dialogue Details
  • Sep 16:Sterlite Power: How company overcome the trilemma of time, space, and capital in the power sectors of India and Brazil Details
  • Sep 16:Grid-Scale Battery Storage: Is grid-scale battery storage needed for renewable energy integration? Details
  • Sep 16:An International conference on Climate Change are coming soon Details
  • Sep 16:42% of coal power plants worldwide are currently running at a loss Details
  • Sep 16:How does the value of batteries change with renewable energy deployment and increased VRE penetration? Details
  • Sep 13:How can access to reliable electricity be improved, notably in rural areas not served by the grid? Details
  • Sep 13:Power quality improvement of grid connected renewable system using STATCOM Controller at distribution level Details
  • Sep 13:Business opportunity in maintenance of Generating units and Transmission lines Details
  • Sep 13:Is the energy transition just about solar and wind? Details
  • Sep 13:The power procured from Fossil Fuel based Co-generation projects shall not be deducted from the total consumption of the Obligated Entities for their assessment of RPO ? Details
  • Sep 13:MSEDCL is allowed to procure surplus power from Captive Power Plant through reverse bidding process Details
  • Sep 13:The Commission approval for procurement of 7 MW of solar power at the rate of Rs. 3.10/unit to Maharashtra Details
  • Sep 13:What about countries that resist the energy transition? Details
  • Sep 12:An International Conference on Energy Efficiency in Motor Systems are coming soon Details
  • Sep 12:The Board of ABB has unanimously appointed Björn Rosengren as CEO Details
  • Sep 12:In India, the expansion of grids to cover larger market areas will move from interconnection to supergrids, extreme and ultra-high-voltage systems Details
  • Sep 12:Flexibility services to minimize the electricity production from Fossil Fuels Details
  • Sep 12:Health care is a major contributor to the climate crisis Details
  • Sep 12:Sembcorp and global financial institution UBS sign deal for long-term solar energy Details
  • Sep 11:Global energy scenarios: Investment is being shifted from fossil energy to renewable energy Details
  • Sep 11:Power Mech Infra Limited: The rating downgrade is because of lack of adequate information regarding Power Mech Infra Limited’s performance Details
  • Sep 11:Shivalakha Solar Energy Private Limited: The company remains exposed to regulatory challenges associated with the implementation of scheduling and forecasting framework Details
  • Sep 11:Sudha Bio Power Private Limited: Continuous deterioration in operating profitability in FY2018 and FY2019 Details
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