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  • Jul 19:Paying up for renewable power: There is no escape from paying late fees Details
  • Jul 19:Work is moving to a post-gas world-III: Rooftop power now way cheaper than gas based power Details
  • Jul 19:World is moving to a post-gas world-II: Where does it leave the gas industry? Details
  • Jul 19:World is moving to a post-gas world-I: Policy makers need to take notice Details
  • Jul 18:Prolonged outage of power system elements Details
  • Jul 18:The status of projects which are being funded by PSDF Details
  • Jul 18:Status of payment security mechanism of the beneficiaries required against monthly energy billing as per PPA and CERC regulations Details
  • Jul 18:Benchmark costs for grid connected rooftop solar power plants for the Year 2019-20 Details
  • Jul 18:Bhagwati power & steel limited: Ratings upgraded Details
  • Jul 18:Solar project developers in India: Top 20 project developers Details
  • Jul 18:Tariff hike pass-through: CERC allows pass-through of production cost increase to consumer Details
  • Jul 18:CERC announcements on the pass through of costs are expected to further distress electricity DISCOMs Details
  • Jul 18:What is the decision of power committee on metering issue of 220kV line? Details
  • Jul 18:Some states has faced variation up to 14% in power requirement. what is the reason of these variation? Details
  • Jul 18:Rosa power project: the cash flow position has been impacted on account of the tariff order issued by the Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission Details
  • Jul 18:Vidarbha industries power limited: Long-term and short-term ratings downgraded Details
  • Jul 18:Modification of the procedure for scheduling of power to distribution company Details
  • Jul 17:L&T's power business: Under transition Details
  • Jul 17:Andhra belt tightening in renewables: NTPC to feel pinch too Details
  • Jul 16:A conference on green power are coming soon Details
  • Jul 16:Larsen & Tubro: The company expects around 40 GW of orders in FGD systems Details
  • Jul 16:Thermal Coal: Thermal coal’s contribution to global power grid as % of total will drop from 2010 to 2040 Details
  • Jul 16:The UDAY for revival of discoms has not met the targets Details
  • Jul 16:The power ministry proposes to conduct reverse e-auction to select gas fired stations Details
  • Jul 16:Power for All: what is going on? Details
  • Jul 16:The complexity of the ecological transition: Overlooked Details
  • Jul 15:Renewable energy: Can hard environment and wildlife Details
  • Jul 15:Coal ministry seeks an escalation in price Details
  • Jul 15:Government agency does not see rise in gas-based power capacity-I: "Wrong way to go about it," say gas suppliers Details
  • Jul 15: Government agency does not see rise in gas-based power capacity-II: India has enough gas, insists BP Details
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