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  • Nov 19:GMR Infrastructure: Cash profit declines due to fuel availability issues Details
  • Nov 19:INR Energy Ventures: Satisfactory generation in last 12 months and low counterparty risk Details
  • Nov 19: Mamadapur Solar Private Limited:Variance in cash flows due to variation in solar irradiance Details
  • Nov 19:PFC: PFC’s exposure to a single sector (i.e. power), large ticket size of loans, high concentration of exposure towards financially weak state power utilities Details
  • Nov 19:Power sector needs good dose of private investments: Investments in supply, be it green or brown, may become liabilities if demand does not keep pace Details
  • Nov 19:India’s electricity demand falls: Fall in electricity demand is a warning bell on economic activity and investment in energy production capacity Details
  • Nov 19:Lifting pricing curbs on domestically produced gas will encourage domestic production: An analysis Details
  • Nov 19:Hasty net metering policy revisions by states will upset India’s renewable energy targets: An analysis Details
  • Nov 18:Are there any chances of new scheme coming into play after UDAY? Details
  • Nov 18:What are the visibility for Indian wind market in next two years? Details
  • Nov 18:How will climate change effects impact public perception and policy? Details
  • Nov 18:Solar, wind, storage & digital technologies are transforming the electricity sector, but an inclusive and deep transition also means tackling legacy issues from existing infrastructure Details
  • Nov 18:No single or simple solutions to reach sustainable energy goals: An analysis Details
  • Nov 18:A conference on power distribution are coming soon. Details
  • Nov 18:REC: Has there been any change in funding after operating as PFC’s subsidiary? Details
  • Nov 18:CESC: Slowdown in regulated business capex and untied capacity at generating stations could impact earnings Details
  • Nov 15:Geo Energy Resources Limited: Financial performance impacted by the continuous weaker coal prices in 3Q2019 Details
  • Nov 15:ABB India: With no large orders in the current quarter, base orders also grew 5% YoY. Details
  • Nov 15:Adani Power Limited: Lower grid demand and lower compensatory tariff resulted in lower operating revenues in Q2 FY20 Details
  • Nov 15:Arkas Energy LLP: Weaker generation profile in all three assets raises concern Details
  • Nov 15: GE T&D India Limited: The profit margins remain susceptible to delays in project execution and raw material price volatility Details
  • Nov 15:Global reduction of energy-related carbon emissions until 2050: What are the current plans Details
  • Nov 15:Sembcorp Industries: Net profit growth continues Details
  • Nov 14:LANXESS: The company is massively expanding its supply of biomass and solar power and will no longer use coal or gas in the future Details
  • Nov 14:State wise net metering policies of India: An update Details
  • Nov 14:Investments in nuclear generation are far smaller than in nonrenewable Details
  • Nov 14:Environmental-economic evaluation of sugar cane bagasse gasification power plants versus combined-cycle gas power plants Details
  • Nov 14:Business Opportunity: Many outage programme details are here Details
  • Nov 14:Natural gas under GST will give it an advantage against polluting fuels: An analysis Details
  • Nov 14:Geopolitical tensions are increasing energy market volatility: An analysis Details
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