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  • Jun 02:If you are eying non-spot LNG contracts, what should you go for? Details
  • Jun 01:LNG is the cheapest hydrocarbon as of today Details
  • May 21:LNG news: US cargo cancellation will only peak a few months from now Details
  • May 21:Gas consumption to fall this year: By how much? Details
  • May 15:LNG: April arrivals much lower than March Details
  • May 15:Force Majeure clause: Everyone going through the fineprint Details
  • Apr 08:LNG volumes not absorbed sufficiently in India Details
  • Apr 08:Have LNG spot prices bottomed out or is the floor still to be reached? Details
  • Apr 03:Indian LNG business: 2020-21 may turn out to be one of the best years Details
  • Apr 01:LNG imports surged in February, what about March and then April? Details
  • Apr 01:Ceiling price below viability level for ONGC's $5 billion investment Details
  • Apr 01:LNG spot market crashes but what is up with vessel rates? Details
  • Mar 31:Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd.: The lower power tariff will impact the co-gen division Details
  • Mar 31:Hydrogen could meet up to 24% of the world's energy needs by 2050: A report Details
  • Mar 31:Indrajit Power Pvt Ltd: The capital structure is expected to improve in FY20 Details
  • Mar 31:OPG Power Ventures: OPG expects minimal load over the coming weeks Details
  • Mar 31:Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam Ltd: The Company is continuously investing in debt funded generation assets, which would result in high debt burden Details
  • Mar 30:Green Infra Wind Energy Project Limited: Regulatory risk associated with group captive norms Details
  • Mar 30:NTPC Ltd: NTPC has a target to have 40% of the portfolio from the non-thermal segment by 2032 Details
  • Mar 30:Green Infra Wind Generation Limited: Counterparty credit risk associated with MSEDCL Details
  • Mar 30: JSW Energy Limited: Merchant tariffs can impact profitability Details
  • Mar 30:Thermax: The order inflows may be impacted for at least a year as industrial/private capex has gone on hold mode Details
  • Mar 27:What are the implications of continued cost declines for wind and solar on driving power sector decarbonization? Details
  • Mar 27:SVR Electricals Private Limited: Not Cooperating category Details
  • Mar 27:RE projects to get extension due to lockdown: Can It provide great relief to all the stakeholders in RE sector? Details
  • Mar 27:Vijay Transformers: Not Cooperating category Details
  • Mar 27:High Energy Batteries (India) Limited: The Company is exposed to commodity price fluctuations in both domestic and international markets Details
  • Mar 27:Panama Wind Energy Private Limited: The current PPAs with MSEDCL will expire in FY2027, the operations of the company will remain exposed to tariff risk thereafter Details
  • Mar 27:Gas buyers scurry for cover-II: Other Indian buyers in trouble too Details
  • Mar 27:COVID-19: Survival guide for managers Details
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