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Gas-based Power

Gas-based Power

Gas-based Power


Gas fired power plants today face a severe shortage of reasonably priced gas but the demand for equipment and services will continue to remain active in the spares and replacement segment. Our installed base platform provides a matrix to capture gas supply and consumption details as well of a power plant.

The database provides suppliers of gas and liquid fuels (most gas based units have dual feed systems) as well as equipment and services providers with business development opportunities.

Our exclusive information base on gas turbines captures information over a range of parameters and it is a useful tool for suppliers and service providers to monitor their performance and health and also keep track of turbines operated by competitors.

There are many gas based projects on the drawing boards at this moment. The government is trying to ensure their viability with imported LNG. Once a solution is found, the demand for gas based power facilities will show a dramatic increase.

Installed base and new capacity build ups are captured in an easy-to-use format to allow clients to mine for business opportunities using different search fields.

A 10-year relationship with the power sector has allowed us to develop long standing relationships. And this makes it easier for us to collect hard-to-get project related information.

Our news is structured for use by suppliers of products and services in the power industry. Live news is flashed directly from validated sources to give you exclusive and actionable project updates.

Over a 100 gas based projects also involving upcoming as well as on-going maintenance projects are covered across India.

Our continuous monitoring process, right from early planning stages till completion, ensures that every nuance is captured.

The news is fashioned entirely from the business opportunity point of view.

We also bring in inputs for this segment from our journalists and scouts who gather news and analysis for our highly popular daily news pages.


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