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Monthly Report

Monthly Gas Report

Monthly Gas Report


The natural gas market in India is arguably dynamic and is undergoing transformational changes. Thanks to our active daily coverage, we easily provide the most comprehensive information on the natural gas sector and how the power sector is impacted by it in India.

Our coverage of the natural gas sector encompasses news, policy and regulations, market dynamics, supply-demand variables, production shortages and LNG imports.

Here are details of our coverage:


  • Exclusive views of various stakeholders in E & P companies, Government, Petroleum Ministry, Power Industry, Fertilizer industry, Finance ministry, Planning commission etc
  • Actionable inputs on evolving regulatory policies on gas allocations, tariffs and pipelines

Indian Natural Gas Market Updates

  • Updates on demand, supply and future projections
  • Major gas consumers from the fertilizer and CGD sector in India -- and changes in their demand dynamics and their implications for you
  • Changes in market share of major gas suppliers in India and key customer tie-ups
  • Gas basin dynamics: Important players in India, their plans and gas supply projections from our proprietary E & P trackers
  • Regular updates from our proprietary software on important natural gas producing assets across India

LNG Imports and Consumption Updates

  • Sector-wise consumption of gas and share of R-LNG in consumption
  • Financial competitiveness of LNG compared to other fuels such as Furnace Oil, LSHS, HSD, Naphtha, LDO and Coal on the basis of energy content
  • Gas sourcing from outside India: Dynamics of LNG pricing and forecasts
  • Case studies on LNG usage in the CGD, refineries and steel sector and implications for you
  • Natural gas demand forecasts and business opportunities for gas suppliers for key sectors through our proprietary software
  • Update on Indian LNG Infrastructure and future plans through our proprietary software

Updates in the monthly report are included from our:

  • Proprietary gas and pipeline project and installed base software
  • Real-time tracking Database for LNG imports
  • Daily Intelligence bulletins from our sister site
  • Daily Project Updates

The report helps you stay updated on:

  • All major developments in the gas sector
  • Actionable information on policy and regulatory developments
  • Gas supply and distribution
  • Gas pricing developments
  • Global events and developments
  • Limited analyst support available to keep track of specific opportunities

We also separately arrange fortnightly or monthly phone or onsite briefing on an optional basis with the indianpetro team: an advantage that is unique and personalised

  • Monthly report
  • Recommendations for possible course of action from behind the scenes close glimpses on policy formation
  • Detailed analysis and data on import of LNG along with current CIF prices
  • Custom research support (optional)
  • Limited analyst and journalist support
  • Fortnightly/monthly briefing with the indianpetro team (optional)

You can access our complimentary products, including:

  • Daily Intelligence Service on the gas sector from
  • Daily updates on gas and midstream projects
  • Access to proprietary software on gas sector facilities and projects (optional)
  • Real time Import Export data base on LNG imports (optional)


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