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Feb 12:   8Find out more on how multinational auto companies are localizing themselves to take on domestic majors in India Click on Reports for more
8Know more on Bangladesh's quest to achieve a power generation capacity of an impressive 36,000 MW by 2021 Click on Reports for more
8Spot LNG delivery prices are high. Cargoes for delivery in the first half of March are trading between $10.70 and $11 per mmBtu while cargoes for the second half of the month are trading at just above $10 a barrel.  Click on Reports for more
8Gujarat has come out with offers for 500 MW of power with a greenshoe option for another 500 MW Click on Reports for more
811 coal mines have been allocated to Coal India Ltd last week. Click on Reports for more
8100 million tonnes of coal for unregulated sectors: Is it just talk or is there action too Click on Reports for more
8A mobile app has been launched for better fly ash management. Click on Reports for more
8What happens when you have a 3 MW solar plant with a over Rs 8/kwh price and a PLF of 22%. Can you sit easy for the next 25  years? Click on Reports for more
8NLC India is organizing a different kind of conference this time -- on corporate governance. Find out more should you want to attend Click on Reports for more
8Find out what an industry leader has to offer in terms of Atmospheric Fluidised Bed Combustion Boilers for firing solid fuels. Find out where these have been installed and how they are better than what the competition has to offer. Click on Reports for more
8Want to know more about the energy needs of the Indian railways. While the process of electrification is under way, IR is also engaged in diversifying its energy mix in favour of renewables. Click on Reports for more
8Get the full list of waste to energy projects here and all other attendant parameters Click on Reports for more   

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