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Coal will remain king-III: Coal prices will not fall either
Jan 05: The thermal coal sector may be in a bit of a mess but do not expect coal prices to go down as a result
8Latest projections show prices pushing up in the next two years, peaking in 2020
8Subsequently too, prices are not going to come down but would remain steady with a slightly upward trend, going up to 2020
8Prices will stay up even as coal use is phased out in developed countries
8The point to note is that the share of coal in the global energy matrix will fall from 27% now to 20% by 2040. That is not a big fall by any yardstick given the dire projections about the demise of coal in recent times.
8The coal production growth CAGR globally up to 2040 is only -0.1%.
8So the fall is not sharp enough to reflect in lower coal prices.
8Temporarily until 2020, the prices will be on an upward trend
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