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Gold plating allegations in East West Pipeline-II: Brookfield has no comments to make
Apr 08: Like with PRGRB, sources in the Canadian super fund Brookfield, whose India Infrastructure Fund last month took over ownership of the East West Pipeline Ltd (EWPL) told this website that they had also heard news reports of alleged wrongdoing relating to the costing of the pipeline but had no comments to offer.
8The pipeline deal was announced by Reliance Industries Ltd on March 14, 2019, two days after the PNGRB had raised the pipeline tariff by 37% from Rs 52.23/mmbtu to Rs 71.66/mmbtu. 
8The pipeline was acquired for a sum of Rs 13,000 crore but only on an agreement with RIL that the reserve capacity will be 38 mmscmd instead of the sanctioned 58 mmscmd Any unutilized capacity payment by RIL will be the difference between Rs. 500 crore a quarter and actual revenue earned by the pipeline.
8RIL will continue to be entitled to transport gas, either by itself or of any customers, free of cost against any outstanding unutilized capacity payments
8If charges of over invoicing, vehemently denied by RIL and its promoters, are established and the PNGRB were to reduce the cost of the pipeline proportionately, it will severely impact the IRR on the investment made by the Canadian fund.
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