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Offgrid renewable energy: Lot more to it than meets the eye
Mar 07: The new destination in the energy sector seems to be the off-grid market. 
8There is strong interest in evolving the utility business model beyond electricity service provision for global investors and funding is getting easier. 
8Front end players are experimenting with ‘value-stacking’ add-on services like internet, water, productive appliances, financial products and services, and other retail goods. 
8The point to note is that millions of households that have never had a reliable grid connection are a ‘blank-slate’ opportunity to redefine the utility-customer relationship, and the utility business model altogether.
8A new breed of pure play PAYG players has begun eliciting investor response of late. Heavy duty strategic investors are stepping into this arena
8Is it time for large oil & gas companies wanting to de-risk their emission-heavy investments to begin looking at the newly emerging off-grid segment more carefully than they did before?
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