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India's first comprehensive database on captive power
Mar 07: India's captive power base is large and rapidly expanding.
8The website has used trained mechanical engineers to put together what is India's most extensive captive power knowledge base.
The following details are covered:
8For new projects:
-- Planning to commissioning schedules (multiple tracking from pre-feasibility to commissioning)
-- Milestone events and dates (Capital approval, RFQ dates, release date, start and completion date)
-- Key project developments
-- Project requirements (timing and requirement parameters for key equipment and services)
-- Project contractors and sub-contractors and their requirements
-- Details of key decision makers
-- An easy to use the archiving system
-- Planned and unplanned maintenance
8The facility database covers installed and upcoming industrial facilities where the projects are located, and includes:
-- Primary & Secondary NIC codes
-- Utility matrix
-- Transportation matrix
-- Raw material matrix
-- Technology licensors
-- Design and actual capacity tables
-- Up to 10 key department head contacts
8There are dozens of other details in our database
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