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Should small patches of coal be left to state governments? 13 May 42799 (01:53 PM)
Many companies and state governments have approached the union coal ministry time and again, seeking the allocation of a number of small coal patches, which are generally uneconomical for the national coal mining companies to exploit. The Ministry of Coal has, thus far, refused to cater to such requests, asserting that separate policy directives are on the way and interested parties must be patient. In the backdrop of the forthcoming amendment to the MMDR Act, it will be interesting to see what shape the ministry"es guidelines take. States claim that disposal of such insignificant reserves should be left to their respective administrations. The local authorities would be in a better position to decide on the optimum allocation of such meager amounts of coal, proponents of such a dispensation argue. In addition, this would minimize the losses inherent to transport of coal over long distances by rail or road. Coal bearing states of India generally trend towards the lower end of the economic spectrum, and availability of additional coal within their borders would spur industrial growth, augmenting their economies. On the other hand, there are people that argue that even the allocation of such coal properties is best left to the open market regime, to be introduced by the coal ministry shortly. Entities that think they can extract the maximum value out of these scanty coal reserves would bid the maximum for such blocks and will win the right to develop them. This would ensure the most efficient allocation of all coal, contributing to faster economic growth. The bid premium to be paid by the winning bidders will, in any case, be transferred to the respective state governments, which can use the proceeds for local area development. What do you think?
Anil Kaushik, Faridabad
01 December 42803 (02:36 AM)
I think it would be better to wait till the coal min comes out with the best way out.. I dont disagree that our bureaucrats have been all mired in their lethargic attitudes and a quick decision out of them is highly unlikely, but we must not forget that free market is at the end the best policy. Coal blocks must go to only those who deserve it rightly by paying the best price and utilizing them eficiently too...
Gurpreet Batra, Navi Mumbai
09 November 42803 (05:51 AM)
The point is that the coal ministry's lethargy in manking a policy decision must not come on the way of development these reserves. We all know how lazy our government machineries are and coal min is not an exception. Its taking years to decide the fate of these small coal patches, leaving these valuable assets idle. Neither the ministry could make a policy decision in this regard so far nor it is willing to handover its right to the state governments. Therefore, its time to raise our voice against the indecisiveness of the ministry in this matter so that the scarce resources of the nation get fully utilized for our collective benefit.
30 December 2015 (06:46 AM)
It's a pleasure to find such raittnaloiy in an answer. Welcome to the debate.
07 January 2016 (10:20 AM)
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