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Is the Planning Commission irrelevant for the power sector? 16 April 42791 (06:11 AM)
The Planning Commission increasingly appears to be nothing but a relic from the Soviet era, at least for the power sector. It has no real power (pun intended) to set targets for capacity addition, which is fast moving towards the domain of the private sector. Even the pseudo-targets communicated to the public, in consultation with the power ministry, are never met. It cannot send proposals directly to the Cabinet, neither does it have the right to inflict punitive damages, against under-performance, on any entity of the economy. In such a rapidly-decentralizing economy, does it make sense to waste resources in keeping the bureaucrats of the apex planning body employed? Supporters argue that having a monitoring mechanism, under the government, in place for the macroeconomy is essential. Further, they say that the body has evolved into a policy formulator for the broad sectors of the economy. It also acts as a mediator and consultant for issues that involve both the state and central governments. One can argue, however, that the monitoring duties can easily be performed by a data repository, such as the existing Ministry of Statistics and Programe Implementation. Further, if the Planning Commission is to do policy, what use are the myriad of ministries and departments set up by the increasingly large government? Does it not make sense to absorb the experts of the Planning Commission into the respective ministries? What are your views on the issue?
Gagan Malhotra, Delhi
20 January 42793 (09:30 AM)
Thanks to the team energyline for raising the key issue. I don't find the rationale behind the lavish expense that our nation incurs in feeding those 'bald-fat' chaps. It makes no sense to waste resources in keeping the bureaucrats of the PC employed, as we are, arguably, heading towards a decentralized economy. Let the ministries do the planning for their respective sectors and give a chance to the ministry of programme implementation to do some substantial job of monitoring the execution of the Plans.
Amit K Ray, Faridabad
02 January 42793 (03:31 AM)
The existence of an apex body like PC is a must for any sector, if not for any other reason, then at least for the settlement of various inter-ministerial issues. The PC plays a crucial role in finding an amicable settlement to such issues, thereby lessening the burden on the Judiciary to a great extent. The PC's role in the recent 'go/no-go coal bearing areas' controversy is known to everybody.
30 December 2015 (06:08 AM)
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07 January 2016 (10:18 AM)
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