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Dec 05:   8Find out more on the formal reason given by Tata Steel to acquire 74% of Bhubaneshwar Power Pvt Ltd's  stake from JL Power Ltd for Rs 225 crore. The company owns a 135 MW power plant. Tata Steel and a subsidiary already hold 25% stake in the company.Click on Reports to read more
8An international conference on Power System Analysis, Control and Optimization is coming up in India. Click on Reports to read more
8Find out more on why ABB has been selected as the global leader in SCADA systems for the power sector Click on Reports to read more
8The website carries here a full review of the Integrated Power Development Scheme. Click on Reports to read more
8The recent RFQ document for another 2000 MW of wind-based power auction brought out by Solar Energy Corporation of India Ltd is carried here for easy reference. Click on Reports to read more
8Apar Industries Ltd's profits are down this quarter and this half of the year. The conductors and transformers and specialty oil segments are down. Click on Reports to read more   

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