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Nov 07: 88 offers for LNG power plants await nod from Bangladesh government. Eventually, however tariff from these projects will be more expensive than average cost of power -- either from thermal or renewable power -- in India. Will importing power from India make better sense for Bangaldesh but then is India a dependable source? Click on Reports for more
8Find out more on a new Electronic Manufacturing Cluster (EMC) being promoted in Gujarat by a power company. Click on Reports for more
8Find out why promoters feel Su-Kam solar batteries are specially designed for optimum performance Click on Reports for more
8Find our more on who makes the best cast steel gate valves in India. Click on Reports for more
8Latest update on under-construction thermal power projects in India Click on Reports for more
8A template on gas demand and supply in India. Does gas have a bright future and how economical is gas-based power stations in India? Click on Reports for more
8Find out the effect of fault locations on the behavior of  a FSIG-based wind farm interconnected grid under different fault types Click on Reports for more
8The website carries here details of smart grid pilot projects in India in terms of name of name of the project, name of the consultant, key functionalities, key vendors, customers, total project cost, government support, project completion date, latest update. Click on Reports for more
8Researchers from Stanford University have developed cheap batteries as an alternative to expensive lithium-ion batteries that could better help us prepare for our renewable energy future. The group was able to create a sodium-based battery that can store the same amount of energy as a lithium-based battery at less than 80% of the cost. Click on Reports for more
8There secondary market in the renewable energy industry has suddenly become very active with a large number of seller and also buyers. Click on Reports for more
8There is no running away from paying up capacity relinquishment charges in transmission projects, it has been ruled, even though it was argued that the capacity could be easily booked by third parties without loss to the transmission company. For a long term customer, the charge can be as high as 66% of the estimated transmission charges (net present value) for the stranded transmission capacity for the period falling short of 12 (twelve) years of access rights. That is a lot of money to pay. Users must be careful when it comes to booking transmission capacity without adequate due diligence. Click on Reports for more
8Telengana has handed over an order for a 4,000 MW Yadadri supercritical thermal power project, valued at approximately Rs20,400 crore to BHEL. This is the single largest order for the company so far and is also the highest value order ever placed in the power sector in India. Click on Reports for more
8Full details on a company which claims to produce the lowest cost wind energy power in India. Click on Reports for more
8Hindustran Construction Company finally emerges from the shadows on the back of inflows from arbitration proceedings. Click on Reports for more
8Is ABB's MicoGrid solution over-hyped? Click on Reports for more


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