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Greenfield Hydroelectric Project: Find out the RFQs ahead
Apr 11: Project Name: Greenfield Hydroelectric Project
8Project Cost: 1000 crores
8Project Description: Velankani Renewable Energy Private Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Velankani Group is getting delayed in getting the green nod from the state pollution control board for the DPR prepared in 96 MW (2x48 MW) greenfield hydel project in village Tung, North Sikkim district of Sikkim. The DPR has been submitted to CWC and CEA for appraisal. Apart from this, wildlife clearance at the NBWL is also pending. Package wise bids for civil and hydromechanical costing Rs 258.79 crores and electromechanical package costing Rs. 168.30 crores are expected.
8Start Date: 2022
8Completion Date: 2025
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