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Apr 03: For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders: 
8Tender for the Supply & Delivery of Air Pre-heater tubes Details
8Supply of Acoustic Leak Detect System(ASLD System) and Erection and Commissioning for Boiler Details
8Tender for works of Execution of 1500m Head Race Tunnel Works of HEP Details
8Tender for Preventive/Breakdown maintenance of H.P. Valves Details
8Tender for Job Contract for Preventive & Breakdown Maintenance of various Hydro Mechanical Equipment Details
8Tender for Purchase of HT & LT Cables Details
8Tender for Procurement of 400KV Pantograph Bus Isolators and Centre Break Isolators of 400KV Bays Details
8Tender for Work of replacement of damaged earth wire of 400 kV lines Details
8Tender for Replacement of existing outdated Disturbance Recorder and Sequential Event Recorder Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:
8Congress manifesto recognises air pollution crisis Details
8E-buses gaining traction on Indian roads Details
8How to achieve 24x7 power for all Details
870 MW electricity import from India hampered due to Nepal Rainstorm Details
8RBI 12 February circular quashed gives power sector some breathing space Details
8Solar power helps corporation save Rs 16 lakh in two months Details
8Short-term power prices drop to Rs 3.08 per kWh in February: Ind-Ra Details
8NCLT cases likely to be re-looked at after SC order on RBI circular Details
8With 53.18 MMT, WCL surpasses production target Details
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