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Exclusive Reports
Apr 01: 8Find out more on what happened to PowerGrid's appeal for a 0.5% increase in ROE for its transmission assets
8Find out what a global tracker of all coal projects have to say about what India's record has been
8Coastal Energy Pvt Ltd and Regency Gangani Energy Pvt Ltd refuse to cooperate with rating agency Details
8Engineering exports from India: Find out where the country stands
8Kalpataru Power acquire another foreign company Details
8Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd: Did it fulfill its RPO targets? Details
8Tata Power Company: Has mended its ways after it was rapped for buying power mostly from its group companies? Details
8As long as weighted average rate for short term power procurement is lower than the ceiling rate, can a power purchaser go ahead and buy power? Details
8Can incremental power be bought outside the cap if it is lower than the variable cost? Details
8Acquisition of REC will impact PFC’s capitalisation levels as it would have to knock off its investment (in excess of 10% of its net owned funds (NOF)) in REC from its NOF, for capital adequacy calculations. Thus, while the capitalisation level of PFC was characterised by comfortable Tier I capital of 15.95% and CRAR of 18.95% as of December 31, 2018, the cushion will reduce with Tier I capital likely to fall to about 11.5% as of March 31, 2019. However, it will remain above the regulatory threshold of 10%. Details
8Sowihy Energy Pvt Ltd: Slow improvement in performance Details
8Natural disasters: How to salvage electricity infrastructure? Details
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